Richmond Our Power

The Richmond Our Power Coalition (ROPC) is home to nine base-building organizations that share a long-term vision to advance a Just Transition in Richmond, California to a regenerative, non-extractive economy, democratically governed by frontline community leadership and grounded in racial justice.

Richmond Progressive Alliance builds grassroots political power to foster strong local government accountable to the people, not to corporations, financiers, and developers.

Communities for a Better Environment is fighting to decommission the Chevron Refinery, which has contributed to over 120 years of health and environmental harm in Richmond, California–a city that is over 80 percent Black, Latinx and Asian American.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) has been building the power of Asian immigrant and refugee communities on the frontlines of fighting big polluters.

Urban Tilth inspires, hires, and trains local residents to cultivate agriculture, feed our community, and restore relationships to land to build a more sustainable food system, within a just and healthier community.

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) is changing the rules to win housing justice for working-class tenants, in the face of mass displacement.

Cooperation Richmond is training Richmond residents to launch cooperative enterprises that support shared leadership among workers.

Richmond LAND is Contra Costa’s first community land trust creating opportunities for grassroots planning and community governance of land.

Safe Return Project is building social, economic, and political power to create opportunities for formerly incarcerated people as they return home.

Rich City Rides organizes bicycle riders to transform the streets of Richmond, expand bicycle infrastructure, and build community through a rich variety of group activities.

Resist, Rethink, Restructure

Late in 2021, leaders of the nine organizations in the Richmond Our Power Coalition appeared in a three-part webinar series, Just Transition in Richmond: Resist, Rethink, Restructure. The webinars focused on how the groups in ROPC are aiming to build a just transition to a regenerative, living economy in Richmond, California.

Part I: Sowing the Seeds (October 7th, 2021)
Watch recording here

  • Doria Robinson, Urban Tilth
  • Ernesto Arevalo, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)
  • Denny Khamphanthong, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)

Part II: Caring for Each Other & Our Home (November 9th, 2021)
Watch recording here

  • Valerie Jameson, Richmond LAND
  • Princess Robinson, Cooperation Richmond
  • Jason Woody, Rich City Rides

Part III: Deep Democracy, Mass Liberation & Self-Determination (December 8th, 2021)
Watch recording here

  • Melvin Willis, Alliance for Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)
  • Jovanka Beckles, Richmond Progressive Alliance
  • Chala Bonner, Safe Return Project